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Thought Of The Day – 5/29/13

Today’s lyric/thought of the day comes from a favorite underplayed Rolling Stones’ song.  It just so happens to feature Guns ‘N’ Roses — the original guys — helping out.  Slick.


“Let’s drink to the hard-working people.  Let’s drink to the lowly of birth.  Raise your glass to the good and the evil.  Let’s drink to the salt of the earth.”


Axl Rose _Rolling Stones – Salt Of The Earth – Live 89 Atlantic City.avi

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LSU’s Miles Is The Latest To Do The Harlem Shake

It’s was only a matter of time until this happened…


LSU Football Harlem Shake


Last one to do the “Harlem Shake” is a rotten egg.  While we feel this particular internet fad has been played out at this point, there’s nothing wrong with football coaches like Les Miles having a little fun.  Hell, we’d pay good money to see Nick Saban do the shake with his squad, but apparently that kind of thing isn’t part of the process.

Another admission: We’d watch videos for the “Harlem Shake” infinitely more times than we’d watch the Rolling Stones’ forgettable video for their infinitely better 1986 cover version of the “Harlem Shuffle.”


The Rolling Stones – Harlem Shuffle – OFFICIAL PROMO


Then again, maybe that’s not too bad compared to this 60s cover by Vigon.

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Thought Of The Day – 9/19/12

Good Wednesday to you.  News, opinions and headlines are on the way.  But first, a musical note so set the mood.  As always, it’s the first thing off the iPod this morning.  (It happens to be a bootleg version of one of the best Rolling Stones’ songs no one ever hears as done by Mick and crew with a pair of stars from the original Guns N’ Roses.)

News soon…


“Say a prayer for the common foot soldier.  Spare a thought for his back-breaking work.”


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