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Report: Personality Test Revealed Early Warning Signs About Aaron Hernandez

aaron-hernandez-gunThe Wall Street Journal today reports results of a personality test given to former Florida Gator Aaron Hernandez shortly before the 2010 NFL draft.  In a part of the psychological profile called “Social Maturity”, Hernandez received the lowest possible score – 1 out of 10.  The paper says the test showed that while Hernandez would likely get along with teammates,  ”he will find very little time to help them” and also added this about his responses meant:


“suggest he enjoys living on the edge of acceptable behavior and that he may be prone to partying too much and doing questionable things that could be seen as a problem for him and his team.”


While the Journal says the New England Patriots declined to comment on whether they had seen the report before the draft, others are not as reticent.  Former Indianapolis Colts GM Bill Polian told the paper that while his team was looking for a tight end in the 2010 draft, the Colts  ”never got that far” in their evaluation of the former Gator player.  ”We were not in the Hernandez business.”

Hernandez has bee in jail since last week after pleading not guilty to a first-degree murder charge in connection with the execution-style slaying of Odin Lloyd. Boston police are now asking for help from authorities in the Connecticut hometown of Hernandez as they explore his possible link to a double-murder in 2012 while questions are being raised about Hernandez’ possible role in a 2007 Gainesville shooting.


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Former Hernandez Coach At UF: “A Good-Hearted Kid Who Had A Hard Time Saying No”

ahAs the media — and it appears police — close in on New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, one of his former coaches at the University of Florida has offered a bit of insight into the ex-Gator:


“There were always people that were trying to surround themselves with him that weren’t in his best interest and they were around him.  For him, it’s like anything else… He’s a good-hearted kid who had a hard time saying no…

He’s a lovable kid.  He’s always welcome in my house and he’s always called my kids and talked to them.  He’s a great kid, but since his father passed away the maturity part has been a little bit of a struggle.”


Hernandez — who signed a $40+ million contract with the Patriots last year — is very much a suspect in the murder of an associate in North Attleboro, a suburb of Boston.  Reports claim he destroyed a cell phone and his home security cameras earlier this week which is — to say the least — suspicious.

Reports this week have linked Hernandez to gang activity in his hometown of Bristol, Connecticut.  It is well-known that he also admitted to failing multiple drug tests for marijuana at Florida before the NFL draft in 2010.

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Scott Pioli Defends Nick Saban, Calls Out Tim Davis: “Don’t Understand The Mentality”

gfx - they said itScott Pioli made a name for himself in the NFL – first as V.P of player personnel for the New England Patriots and then as general manager of the Kansas City Chiefs.  While at New England, the Patriots did battle with Nick Saban’s Miami Dolphins.  Now Pioli is defending a former NFL rival and current Alabama coach.

Speaking to Mike Florio, Pioli was asked about his reaction to former Dolphins assistant Tim Davis calling Saban “the devil.”


“I’ve got to be honest, I was terribly disappointed. You know, I know Nick Saban, I’ve worked with Nick Saban for a number of years back in Cleveland.  First of all, I didn’t like it for Nick.  I know Nick is a tremendous coach and he’s a tough worker and he’s a tough boss but I know a lot of people who are tough bosses.

“I’ll say this about Nick, though:  I think he’s tough but he’s fair. He doesn’t ask anything of people that he hasn’t done himself or that he won’t do himself.”


Davis not only worked with Saban at Miami but also took a job under Saban at Alabama and that really got Pioli fired up.


[Davis] spends a year out of football, can’t get a job, Nick creates a position at the University of Alabama to help a guy who’s been unemployed he shows his loyalty to the guy, brings him in, creates a position, pays him. This guy made the choice to come work for Nick and now a couple years later, he’s bashing a guy who really helped him… I just don’t understand the mentality of people who are given opportunities, they seize the opportunity, they get paid, and then some time in the future they start to air dirty laundry or their hard feelings toward someone. I just don’t understand why people can’t keep their mouths shut and move on.  So, to me, it’s one of these trends in sports that I see, that I just, truly disappoint me.”


And round and round we go.  We’ll see if this latest salvo sets off any more reactions or draws a comment or apology from Davis, who is now Florida’s offensive line coach.  Saban last week called the comments “terribly disappointing.”

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The Sporting News Rips Ex-UF Coach Meyer, Furthers Our Belief That Tebow Was The Real Winner In Gainesville

Matt Hayes of The Sporting News is taking former Florida coach Urban Meyer to task today for creating a culture at UF that “gutted what was four years earlier the most powerful program in college football.”

The lengthy piece claims that Meyer’s lassez faire attitude led to the players taking “complete control of the team,” according to one former, anonymous Gator.  The three-month investigation revealed — in Hayes’ words — “just how damaged the infrastructure really was and how much repair work second-year coach Will Muschamp has had to undertake in replacing Meyer.”

Among the juiciest tidbits:

* Meyer — now at Ohio State — allegedly told a recruit’s family this winter that he would not let his son go to Florida due to character issues in the school’s locker room.  Meyer denies the charge and it does seem like an odd recruiting ploy… seeing as how Meyer was the one who recruited most of the UF team.

* Meyer’s resignation was tied to the roster that he’d built.  “Left in the wake of Meyer’s resignation were problems that can destroy a coaching career: drug use among players, a philosophy of preferential treatment for certain players, a sense of entitlement among all players and roster management by scholarship manipulation.”

* Former Florida safety Bryan Thomas told The Sporting News that “The program was out of control.”

* Ex-Gator Percy Harvin was supposedly given preferential treatment on a repeated basis.  When he failed a drug test, the coach told the press he was injured.  When he allegedly physically attacked then-receivers coach Billy Gonzales, he wasn’t disciplined.

* New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick — who became friends with Meyer and drafted Brandon Spikes and Aaron Hernandez from UF — reportedly knew so much about the team’s drug use that he warned the current Florida team this offseason to put the marijuana down and “don’t be like” those previous Gator players.

It goes on from there.  Thomas — it should be pointed out — was told by Meyer to “move on” because knee injuries began to hinder his career in 2009.  So one of Hayes’ sources clearly has a bone to pick with his ex-coach.

However, many of the things Hayes writes of today have been hinted at, suggested, and rumored to be true for a long while.  If you’ve followed Florida’s football program closely over the years, there’s nothing above that should stand out as an “oh, my goodness” shocker.

Taken as a whole, The Sporting News report tells us three things:

1.  Ohio State probably made a bigger gamble with Meyer than most Buckeye fans realize.  We said that at the time of his hiring, too.

2.  Muschamp did not inherit a stable situation at Florida.  Some talent?  No doubt.  But some diva attitudes and outlaw personalities to go with it.

3.  Meyer’s greatest successes at Florida should be traced back to Tim Tebow, not Meyer.

As we’ve written before, Tebow proved in Denver this past season just what kind of impact he can have on a locker room and the confidence within it.  We believe he deserves credit for UF’s national titles under Meyer, not the coach.  For even with the coach playing favorites, the players smoking pot, and character issues all around, Florida still managed to go 39-7 (27-5 in the SEC) with Tebow on the roster, on the practice field and in the locker room.

Without Tebow’s presence on the team, Meyer went just 17-8 overall and just 9-7 in the league.  Coincidence?  We at MrSEC do not think so.

Reading Hayes’ piece and seeing the work Tebow did in getting a 1-4 Denver squad into the NFL’s final round of eight last season, it’s even more clear that the real leadership in Gainesville from 2006 to 2009 came from Tebow, not from his head coach.

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SEC In the NFL – The Awesome, The Elite, And The Option Quarterback

Patrick Peterson – awesome playmaker

Thanks to a blocked field-goal, Patrick Peterson (LSU) avoided becoming the goat at the end of game.  Thanks to an amazing punt return, he became the hero in overtime.

Peterson was flagged for pass interference as time was winding down against the St. Louis Rams Sunday.  The subsequent field-goal attempt was blocked and the 13-13 game went to overtime.

When the Cardinals defense forced the Rams into punting in the overtime’s first possession, it was Peterson’s time to shine.

Fielding the punt at the 1-yard line, Peterson streaked 99 yards for the game winning touchdown.

“I knew that was gutsy,” Peterson said afterward. “I decided to catch the ball and run for my life.”

The Cardinals have won two games this year (2-6) and in both wins, Peterson has scored the game-winning touchdown via punt returns.

“He has such a great feel and he is definitely a force,” said Arizona coach Ken Whisenhunt. “The thing that gives you comfort is that he doesn’t drop balls.”

Eli Manning – elite QB?

When Eli Manning (Ole Miss) faced the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII, he walked off the field a world champion.  Sunday in Foxborough, he once again came out a winner thanks to a last-minute rally.

Down 20-17, Manning led the Giants on an 80-yard drive, capping it off with a 1-yard touchdown pass to tight end Jake Ballard with 15 seconds left in the game.

So is Manning now an elite quarterback?  His teammates think so.

“To me, he’s better than ‘12’ [Brady],’’ running back Brandon Jacobs said. “Twelve couldn’t get it done today. Ten [Manning] got it done.’’

Yahoo! Sports columnist Jason Cole has a different take.

“If you’re looking for a bottom line answer to whether New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is the equal of New England Patriots counterpart Tom Brady, the answer is still no.”

Manning’s teammates disagree “You can’t spell elite without Eli,” said defensive end Justin Tuck.

Tim Tebow – option QB

Tim Tebow (Florida) and the Denver Broncos took the Oakland Raiders to school on Sunday, using a read-option offense that’s more at home in the college game.

Tebow rushed for 118 yards – the Broncos ran for 299 yards total – and the Broncos blitzed the Raiders 38-24.

“That’s hard to defend,” said Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey (Georgia).  “Especially when you have a quarterback who’s as explosive as Tebow is.  Tebow doesn’t get enough credit for his explosiveness.  I know he would love to sharpen up his passing, but at the same time he’s running the ball extremely well.”

Tebow and running back Willis McGahee become the first Denver quarterback/running combination to each cross 100 yards in a game since Norris Weese and Otis Armstrong in 1976.

Tebow also threw two touchdowns on the afternoon.

“All in all, he progressed,” said coach John Fox. “I think it was, by far, (Tebow)’s best game to date.”

A few other notes from around the league:

Cold Hard Football Facts calls Andy Dalton and A.J. Green (Georgia) “the best QB-WR rookie combo maybe ever.” Green caught 7 passes for 83 yards on Sunday in the Bengals 24-17 win over Tennessee.

Rookie wide receiver Julio Jones (Alabama) had another nice game on Sunday for the Falcons – catching three passes – two of them for touchdowns – in Atlanta’s 31-7 victory over Indianapolis. One of those TD catches went for 80 yards.

Running back Arian Foster (Tennessee) crossed the 100-yard mark for the third straight week, the fourth time this season, as the Houston Texas rolled over the Cleveland Browns 30-12.

Peyton Hillis (Arkansas) and Monterio Hardesty (Tennessee) have already been ruled out for this week’s game against St. Louis. Hillis has been battling hamstring problems and Hardesty tore his calf muscle against San Francisco. says Albert Haynesworth  (Tennessee) of the New England Patriots “is giving Ochocinco a run for his money as the biggest acquisition bust on the team.”

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