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Ole Miss Recruit In Limbo After Signing With Three Schools

Limbo Haines City, Florida running back Dacorius “D.J.” Law hit the trifecta on National Signing Day.

At a televised announcement on Wednesday, he put on a University of Utah hat.  But hours earlier, Ole Miss had already received a signed letter of intent from him. For good measure,  he also signed junior college papers with East Mississippi Community College at his home on Tuesday night. He claims those papers were never faxed but the school’s Twitter account included him in its signing class.

“I don’t really know what happened, to tell you the truth,” Law said. “I trust the coaching over there (at Utah), so I left it to them, and we’ll see what happens. If something happens, then I’ll be worried.”

So what happens now?  Utah sent their paperwork along with a video of Law signing to the Pac-12 offices.  Ole Miss says their compliance department is looking into the matter.

Law is not the only one confused by the whole matter.  Here’s what his high school coach said about the end of Law’s recruitment.  ”Ole Miss would not talk to me. They would not talk to anyone from our school. We don’t know what’s going on.”

Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze may not be talking to him but he did comment on Law Wednesday: ”He’s got some academic challenges. Hopefully he can overcome those.”

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Nick Saban: “Accumulation Of A Lot Of Hard Work”

Alabama coach Nick Saban meets the media to discuss National Signing Day 2014.

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Mark Stoops: “A Great Day For Us”

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops meets the media to discuss National Signing Day 2014.

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Butch Jones: A “No Drama” Signing Day

Tennessee coach Butch Jones meets the media to discuss National Signing Day 2014. (Note: Audio kicks in around the 1:20 mark)

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Derek Mason: “Busy Two Weeks Of Fast And Furious Recruiting”

Vanderbilt coach Derek Mason meets the media to discuss National Signing Day 2014.

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Kevin Sumlin: “This Class Addresses Our Needs Across The Board”

Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin meets the media to discuss National Signing Day 2014.

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Will Muschamp: “Great Day Here At The University Of Florida”

Florida football coach Will Muschamp meets the media to discuss National Signing Day 2014.

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Vanderbilt’s Signee Tracker… Still A Big Ol’ Blank

VANDERBILT UPDATEThanks to the departure of James Franklin and a number of the quality commitments, National Signing Day figures to be a quiet one.  As of now, it’s a very, very quiet day.  As in no faxes in to date.  According to the Commodores’ official athletic site, new coach Derek Mason is still waiting for his first signee of the day.  (As of 8:22am ET.)

UPDATE — Dallas Rivers, RB is on the board for Vandy

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Ex-Vandy QB Rodgers’ Rant Might Lead To Change In School Policy

Squeaky-WheelAs Vanderbilt limps toward the finish line known as National Signing Day, former Commodore quarterback Jordan Rodgers did his alma mater no favors.  On Tuesday, Rodgers produced a string of angry tweets lashing out at the Vandy administration for making himself and other former Commodores pay to us the school’s new indoor practice facility.

The diatribe was not pretty.  But the wheel that does the squeaking is the one that gets the grease.

According to The Tennessean, Vanderbilt administrators are now examining their policy regarding ex-jocks and the indoor facility.  Currently, because the indoor facility is part of the school’s recreation center and was funded in part by non-athletic sources, all non-students have to pay a yearly membership fee ($480) or a daily fee ($10) to use it.  If accompanied by a member of the football coaching staff or strength staff, ex-VU players could have used the facility for free.

Vanderbilt’s assistant vice chancellor of facilities and game operations Brock Williams — try to fit that on a business card — said the school was not even aware of the issue until now.


“This is almost a brand new building, and we are tweaking certain policies as we go.  We have a brand new football staff — most of them are on the road.  The strength coaches just got going at the end of last week.  We had a perfect storm here where we had some disappointment at a point when we’re in transition.”


That perfect storm also included a hot-tempered ex-jock with a Twitter feed.  And coincidence or not, Vanderbilt lost receiver prospect Kameron Uter yesterday, a day after Rodgers’ online rant.  Uter committed to Wake Forest and became the 11th former James Franklin commitment to back out on the Commodores.

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SEC Commitment Comparator – 12/5/13

blue-chipIt’s been a month since our last look at the commitment big board.  National Signing Day is just nine weeks from yesterday and there’s been movement all over the SEC scene. — whose grades we’ve found to be most accurate over time — has also updated some of its own star ratings.  Add it up and every single team has seen movement since early-November.

As usual, we break down the SEC’s commitment classes for you in three different ways and then we tally those results to arrive at our own official recruiting rankings.

Starting with Rivals’ star rankings, we assign one point for each star awarded to a player.  We also give 0-star prospects — those who’ve yet to have their game tape graded — a point just because we’re nice guys.  We then look a the commitment crops according to quantity (total points for each program), quality (the average points per committed player), and high-caliber recruits (the total number of 4- and 5-star commits only).

We then rank the SEC’s schools in each category from 1 (best) to 14 (worst) and tally the scores to create our own ranking.

Let’s start with quantity, the total number of points committed to each SEC program as of today.  The last column shows you the number of points gained or lost since November 7th…



  School   Commits   5-stars   4-stars   3-stars   2-stars   1- & 0-stars   Total Points   Pts +/-
  Tennessee   33   2   16   13   1   1   116   +13
  Alabama   24   3   14   7   0   0   92   +9
  Kentucky   24   0   9   14   1   0   80   -2
  Missouri   25   0   2   15   8   0   69   +2
  Ole Miss   21   0   6   14   1   0   68   +5
  Auburn   18   3   7   7   1   0   66   +9
  Texas A&M   18   2   9   6   1   0   66   +3
  Vanderbilt   20   0   6   14   0   0   66   +3
  Georgia   16   1   10   5   0   0   60   -5
  Florida   16   0   9   7   0   0   57   +6
  LSU   15   0   10   4   1   0   54   +1
  Arkansas   17   0   2   14   1   0   52   +4
  Miss. State   18   0   2   10   6   0   50   +2
  S. Carolina   14   0   7   7   0   0   49   +1


How Butch Jones intends to ink 33 players is still anyone’s guess as he only has room for 30 including backcounting.  One would assume three of the Vols’ current commits will grayshirt, but we’ll see.  Jones and company are still out recruiting, too.  Remember, that 25-man “cap” on signees is a soft cap, nothing more.  Coaches can still work around it.

Aside from Tennessee, the biggest gains over the past month have been made in the state of Alabama where both Bama and Auburn have added nine points in our quantity chart.

Now let’s examine the quality of athlete at each school…



  School   Commits   Avg. Pts/Commit
  Alabama   24   3.83
  Georgia   16   3.75
  Auburn   18   3.66
  Texas A&M   18   3.66
  LSU   15   3.60
  Florida   16   3.56
  Tennessee   33   3.51
  S. Carolina   14   3.50
  Kentucky   24   3.33
  Vanderbilt   20   3.30
  Ole Miss   21   3.23
  Arkansas   17   3.05
  Miss. State   18   2.77
  Missouri   25   2.76


No surprises here.  Alabama, Georgia, Texas A&M, Auburn, LSU and Florida are inking the best athletes.  Tennessee — even with 33 commits — is still over the 3.50 mark which is remarkable in itself.  South Carolina just comes in a 3.50 and they have space for plenty more commitments.

Arkansas, Mississippi State and Missouri fans surely don’t like how the numbers break for their teams.  It will be interesting to see what kind of bounce Mizzou gets for reaching the SEC Championship Game.  (Sidenote — Gary Pinkel has shown this year and throughout his career that he doesn’t require top 10 classes to win games… much as Bobby Petrino never needed all-star players to deliver positive results.)

Next we look at the high-end caliber players.  Not all 4- and 5-star players will love up to their hype, but the more blue-chippers a school lands, the better the odds of finding some true difference-makers…


High-Caliber Players

  School   Commits   4- & 5-stars
  Tennessee   33   18
  Alabama   24   17
  Georgia   16   11
  Texas A&M   18   11
  Auburn   18   10
  LSU   15   10
  Florida   16   9
  Kentucky   24   9
  S. Carolina   14   7
  Ole Miss   21   6
  Vanderbilt   20   6
  Arkansas   17   2
  Miss. State   18   2
  Missouri   25   2


From looking at those numbers, the odds of uncovering some real gems are in the favor of Tennessee and Alabama, followed by Georgia, Texas A&M, Auburn and LSU.

Next we tally up all those scores in order to create our official SEC recruiting rankings.  First place in one of the three categories above would equal one point.  Second place would equal two point and so on.  The lower the number the better the class…

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