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SEC Headlines 1/12/2014

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1. Vanderbilt AD David Williams said Saturday 20 to 25 people had reached out about the Commodores’ head coaching job.

2. James Franklin “talked the talk until he walked,” writes David Climer.

3. The Tennessean provides the top five Franklin moments while he was Vanderbilt’s coach.

4. Dorial Green-Beckham’s father is confident his son won’t be charged following an arrest early Saturday.

5. Green-Beckham posted this message on Twitter Saturday night.

6. Alabama head coach Nick Saban continues to stockpile former head coaches for his staff.

7. Defensive line coach Chris Rumph appears to be headed to Texas to join Charlie Strong’s staff.

8. Lane Kiffin scrutiny could come on the recruiting trail, writes Kevin Scarbinsky.

9. Gus Malzahn is working to get raises for his staff as he is due a bonus on Wednesday.

10. Auburn’s Justin Garrett is hoping to return and help the Tigers’ defense next season after an injury-riddled year.

11. LSU has a ton of talent, which is why so many players have NFL decisions to make each year.

12. Ole Miss linebacker/defensive end D.T. Shackelford received a sixth year of eligibility from the NCAA.

13. Pat Dooley has 13 takeaways from the 2013 season. No. 1: It was a terrible season for the SEC. (He’s kidding)

14. Mark Story looks at where Kentucky coach Mark Stoops might have an edge on Louisville’s Bobby Petrino next season.

15. There was a large turnout for South Carolina fans to say goodbye to quarterback Connor Shaw.

16. Athlete Neiko Creamer became Tennessee’s 14th midterm enrollee on Saturday.


17. Franklin said he was “excited to come home” when he was introduced as Penn State’s new coach.

18. Franklin’s arrival at Penn State will give the Big Ten a shot in the arm, writes Jeremy Fowler.

19. Florida State’s 2014 season has the brightest outlook among the teams in Florida.

20. Here’s a look at how the top 25 college basketball teams have fared this weekend.

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Vanderbilt Wins Bowl Game But Will Coach James Franklin Return?

postgame-links-150x1501Vanderbilt 41 – Houston 24. Video Highlights

1. Vanderbilt wins the game but will the Commodores lose their coach? James Franklin reportedly interviewing with Penn State and requests to interview with NFL’s Browns and Redskins. Also a report out that Franklin will interview with Detroit Lions. Franklin reportedly one of Penn State’s top three candidates.

2. Jeremy Fowler on head coach opening at Louisville with Charlie Strong off to Texas: “If Vanderbilt’s James Franklin is still on the board after 1,234 NFL or college interviews, he’s worth the first call. Make him say no.”

3. First back-to-back nine win seasons in Vanderbilt history.  SEC now 7-2 in bowl games.

4, Vanderbilt defense gives up 24 points in third quarter – shuts out the Cougars the rest of the way.

5. Vandy goes to running game in second half - 133 of 211 rushing yards came in third and fourth quarters.

6.  Vanderbilt seniors finish career with winning record.  Started off 2-10.

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Hernandez Gun Photo Punctuates Meyer’s Shameful Disciplinary Record At UF

Can we officially defrock Coach Urban the Pious at this point?

During Urban Meyer’s tenure at Florida, no one in college football did a better job of protecting his athletes from the press.  Remember this scene?


Urban Meyer ripping into Orlando Sentinel's Jeremy Fowler (3-24-10)



In case you’ve forgotten, the reporter Meyer berated had dared to quote a Gator player verbatim in a story.  Jeremy Fowler, you bad guy.  Meyer later apologized for his over-the-top reaction to a man doing his job.

Under Meyer, his Gators also got protection from the long arm of the law… at least when it came to punishing his players for their illegal activities.  More than 30 players were arrested during Meyer’s reign.  The number of suspensions and dismissals from the team was somewhat smaller.

Meyer said upon taking his current job that the arrests had more to do with stupid mistakes than “bad kids.”  Possibly.  But was it just a mistake when speedster Chris Rainey texted a woman the message “Time to Die Bitch” and found himself behind bars for it?  Meyer would probably say so since he reinstated the player to the team.  

In a real show of appreciation, Rainey himself said after Meyer’s departure that the coach and some of his assistants “were scared” of certain members of the UF team.  The players under Meyer also knew that he would let them get away with failed drug tests and arrests.  When Janoris Jenkins was booted from the Gators by new coach Will Muschamp over a marijuana-related arrest, the current NFL defensive back said: “If (Meyer) was still the coach at Florida, I’d still be there.”

The theme of Meyer’s tenure seemed to be “everybody wins on the field; anything goes off it.”

But did Meyer’s protection of players — from both the press and lengthy suspensions and dismissals — help the athletes in question?  Former Gator Aaron Hernandez is now in jail, charged with murder in the first.  While at Florida, NFL sources said last week that he’d failed up to six drug tests.  UF officials said he didn’t fail six, specifically, so it might have been five.  Or four.  Either way, Hernandez missed all of one game while at Florida.  And it was claimed at the time that he was being held out for an injury.  Meyer didn’t even want anyone to know Hernandez had broken an unspecified team rule.

Failed drug tests weren’t the only trouble that the star tight end found himself in.  Hernandez was arrested as a juvenile during his first year in Gainesville following a fight at a local bar.  He was also questioned in connection with the shooting and wounding of two men in 2007.

Now, the website has posted a 2009 photo of Hernandez proudly posing with a Glock while a member of the Gator football team.  Whether he was a legal gun owner is questionable because a lawsuit filed against the player just last week for yet another shooting claims that Hernandez “was not legally licensed to have” the gun he allegedly used in that shooting.

And regardless of whether or not the gun was licensed to Hernandez, this isn’t the kind of photo schools want to see associated with their football program:




At this point, can everyone admit that Hernandez has always had a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time… at the very least?  And that his coach did the bare minimum from a disciplinary standpoint to help teach him right from wrong?  Instead of having Hernandez’s best interests at heart, Meyer had his back.

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Orlando Writer Takes Aim At Ex-UF Coach Meyer… Again

Mike Bianchi of The Orlando Sentinel must have a clear-cut morning routine:


* Wake up.

* Drink a cup of coffee.

* Find a way to call out Urban Meyer as a liar.


No one takes shots at the ex-Florida coach like Bianchi.  (Well, okay, The Sporting News’ Matt Hayes is in the running, too.)  Today the Orlando writer has jumped all over Ohio State’s coach for something he said a week ago.

On May 24th, The Cleveland Plain-Dealer wrote that Meyer had this to say about college football’s drive toward a playoff:


“I’ll probably get in trouble for saying this, but I think the ideal setup is what we’ve had the last decade of football.  I can understand why [the change] is happening, but I was not one of the screamers or yellers saying it was broke before.”


Ah, but Bianchi went back through The Sentinel’s archives and found a Meyer quote from 2006.  At the time, it looked as though Florida might miss out on the BCS Championship Game — which it won, by the way — in favor of an Ohio State-Michigan matchup.  This was the coach’s take back then:


“If that (Ohio State-Michigan rematch) does happen, all the presidents need to get together immediately and put together a playoff system.  I mean like now, January or whenever to get that done… I do believe as time wears on and you kind of sit back and look, that the only thing justifiable is to (add a playoff).”


Bada boom bada bing, further proof that Meyer’s a liar.

We simply look at Meyer’s quotes and shrug our collective shoulders.  People change their minds over time.  One quote came from 2006 and the other from 2012.  Heck, this writer once favored an eight-team college football playoff before arriving at the conclusion that a four-team format would probably do a better job of protecting the sport’s regular season.

So perhaps Meyer sat beneath his own personal Bhodi Tree and achieved some form of playoff enlightenment.  (A little shout out to all our Buddhist readers.)  The more intriguing issue is why Bianchi continues to pen so many anti-Meyer pieces.

It’s one thing to repeatedly update one’s views regarding a playoff system, transfer policies, or — ahem — a nine-game SEC football schedule, for example.  But to consistently go after one ex-coach time and again?  The word vendetta comes to mind.

Perhaps this all traces back to the over-the-top tirade Meyer launched against former Sentinel writer Jeremy Fowler back in 2010.  Whatever the reason, it’s clear that any and every time Bianchi finds an opportunity to question Meyer’s honesty, he’ll take it.

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The Morning Meyer Headlines Might Take A While

A few headlines for you this morning concerning Urban Meyer (and Dan Mullen… and Bobby Petrino):

The Gainesville Sun

1.  Florida AD Jeremy Foley says he’s ready to work quickly and quietly to find Meyer’s replacement.  The goals is to have a new coach by Christmas.

2.  Meyer was a legend at Florida.

3.  Pat Dooley says the ride in Gainesville was fun while it lasted.

4.  The closest Meyer wants to come to coaching is as an assistant on his son’s little league team.

The Orlando Sentinel

1.  The future is now uncertain for Meyer’s assistants.  (Gator fans are likely worried sick over the fate of Steve Addazio.)

2.  Meyer said, “I’m not sure we gave (Florida) our best this year.”

3.  UF assistants must hold Florida’s recruiting class together.

4.  Mike Bianchi says Meyer’s resignation is the best thing for the Gators.

5.  Jeremy Fowler — the former reporter who Meyer muscled last spring — says the coach “was burned out last year.”

6.  This writer says Bob Stoops should be Urban Meyer’s successor, not Mullen.

The Florida Times-Union

7.  Family, not health, lead Meyer away from UF.

8.  Gator boosters were expecting changes… just not this one.

9.  Florida’s recruiting class is holding together for now.

10.  Ahmad Black and Mike Pouncey support their coach’s decision.

11.  Here’s yet another list of possible replacements for Meyer… headed by Mullen.

The St. Petersburg Times

12.  John Romano says Meyer always did what he wanted, how he wanted, when he wanted… including yesterday’s resignation.

13.  Here’s another candidate list.

The Miami Herald

14.  Linda Robertson writes that Mullen never seemed to be fully himself this season.

15.  Some folks thought Meyer might step down if UF had a bad 2010 season.  And they did.

On Dan Mullen

16.  MSU’s coach told The Jackson Clarion-Ledger yesterday afternoon that he’s still “absolutely” committed to State.

17.  Mullen told The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal that he was surprised by Meyer’s decision.  Asked if he would be interested in the UF job, Mullen texted: “Happy at State.”

18.  This writer says Florida can be picky, but if their choice is Mullen, State simply can’t match the offer.

19.  Mullen and his assistants deserve nice raises in Starkville.  The Meyer situation should give them even more leverage in their negotiations.

On Bobby Petrino

20.  Several national reporters are tying Arkansas’ Petrino to the UF vacancy.

21.  Florida would have to pay “a hefty buyout clause” to swipe Petrino.

22.  But UF’s athletic director said he won’t “be scared off by contract buyouts.”

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Former Sentinel reporter responds to Urban Meyer’s resignation

Content provided by Swamp Things – Gators Blog.

The resignation of Florida coach Urban Meyer on Wednesday came as a surprise to many, but not former Orlando Sentinel reporter Jeremy Fowler. Fowler covered the Gators for three years, including Meyer’s resignation last year that lasted 24 hours before he decided to return.

“You could tell that Urban was burned out last year,” Fowler said.

Meyer confronted Fowler last spring after Fowler used a quote from receiver Deonte Thompson that Meyer took exception to. Meyer apologized, and he and Fowler had a good working relationship before Fowler left the Sentinel in August.

“I understand where he’s coming from with the family angle,” said Fowler. “I think that aspect of his life was sincere.”

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