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No Speculating: Spurrier Hits Morris With Both Barrels, Says He May “Head To The Beach”

On Saturday and Sunday, Steve Spurrier refused to take questions from the media covering his South Carolina football team.  On Monday, we suggested that Spurrier a) was feeling pretty good because he’s winning and that usually means he’ll do things other coaches won’t and b) was probably ticked at Columbia columnist Ron Morris — again — over a column he’d penned earlier in the week claiming that Steve Spurrier shouldn’t have played injured quarterback Connor Shaw against UAB.

On Wednesday, Morris responded with a column.  Yesterday, Spurrier refused to make peace and made it clear on WNKT-FM in Columbia that he and the South Carolina administration have had it up to here with Morris.

Our “speculation” on Monday that Spurrier was mad at Morris and feeling 10-feet-tall and bulletproof was met with a lot of angry words from a few Carolina fans.  Well, once again, this site was able to put two and two together long before any coach had to spell out matters word for word.  I’m sure the fact that we were correct will tick off a few people.  But they’ll get over it.  Mainly ’cause they’ll be cheering the comments their  head coach made during his weekly radio show:


“One of the local writers wrote another nasty article last week.  It was very negative and critical towards me.  It slandered my name and my integrity.  The guy is trying to tarnish and ruin my reputation as a coach.  That’s OK.  I don’t dislike this guy, I really don’t.  Because we all know who the guy is and that’s the kind of person he is…

I told my wife after the last article, ‘I’ve had it. I’ve had enough.  I’m not going to take it anymore.  I’ve had enough.’  Almost all of the Gamecocks say, ‘Coach, don’t pay any attention to him, he’s insignificant,’ which he is.  He is not an important person.  But they’re not having their name and reputation slandered.  So, I’m the one.  It’s not my mode of operation to not say anything about it.  So, this is my voice here.  He gets his voice in the newspaper, which he uses…

I think we need to make some changes. I think some positive changes are going to happen.  They have a little problem over there that we know about, but they’re working on it.  Our president and our athletic director, they’re all backing me in this.”


If Spurrier feels slandered, he has every right to use his own radio platform to say so.  As the coach states, Morris has his venue, Spurrier has his.  A winning coach versus the media?  You can guess who’s going to get the backing of the public on that one.

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