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Texas A&M Announces Suspensions For Two Starting Defensive Backs

SuspendedCornerback Deshazor Everett and safety Floyd Raven are both projected starters in the Texas A&M secondary.  Both will miss time because of suspensions.  Texas A&M A.D. Eric Hyman announced the suspensions Saturday.  Everett will miss two quarters.  Raven is suspended for an entire game.  The two were involved in an off-campus fight and were arrested on misdemeanor assault charges over the summer.

A&M did not mention a specific game for the suspensions but it looks like both will be back by the time the Aggies face Alabama.  The Aggies open Saturday against Rice.  Senior defensive tackle Kirby Ennis is suspended for the game against the Owls following his arrest in February for displaying a firearm and disorderly arrest.


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SEC Headlines 8/17/2013

headlines-saturdaySEC Football

1. Texas A&M A.D. Eric Hyman addresses Johnny Manziel status in email to donors:  ”We are not in a position to speculate on a specific timeline.”

2. Kentucky coach Mark Stoops was not happy Friday:  ”We got to have some more pride about what we do. We got to have some more leadership.”

3. Kentucky tight ends coach Vince Marrow on senior Anthony Kendrick:  ”He should be a guy who can do something special out there.”

4. Freshman quarterback Riley Ferguson impresses coach Butch Jones. ”The individual who stepped up was Riley Ferguson.”

5. Does Florida have a game-breaking wide receiver? “I can name three receivers from Alabama and three receivers from Georgia off the top of my head that would be the No. 1 guy for Florida.”

6. And what about the receiver situation at LSU? “What LSU lacked last season was a stud No. 1 receiver…”

7. Missouri coach Gary Pinkel on the decision to name James Franklin the starting quarterback: “We probably over-talk personnel compared to most staffs, but that’s my background.”

8. South Carolina hasn’t played a ranked team to open the season since 1999. 

9. Vanderbilt has 23 non-scholarship players this fall.

10. ESPN names nine SEC players to its all-freshmen team, including two each from Ole Miss and Florida.

11, Ole Miss wants to use running back Jeff Scott in its return game.

12, Florida expected to sell out four of six home games this year.

Practice Reports

13, A sprained knee has kept Georgia safety Corey Moore out of practice since August 7. Coaches continue to rave about freshman linebacker Leonard Floyd. “He’s relentless.”

14, With the quarterback battle almost over at Auburn, there are other spots up for grabs, including defensive tackle and safety.

15, Tennessee open practice tonight at Neyland Stadium. Butch Jones: “(Fans) are going to see some elements of practice that they don’t normally get to see.”

16, Saturday’s open scrimmage at Texas A&M should help answer questions about the backup quarterback and the defensive scheme. Kevin Sumlin: “Whenever you have 31 new guys, you try to get them involved and see where they fit in.”

17. Second scrimmage of camp today at Alabama.  Coach Nick Saban considers this one the most important.

18. Focus at Arkansas’ scrimmage – turnovers for the defense.

19. Florida had its final preseason scrimmage Friday, depth chart taking shape.

20. Ole Miss has started preparing for Vanderbilt.

SEC Basketball

21. Alabama drops to 3-1 in its European tour.  Crimson Tide finish up in Paris today.


22. Two North Carolina men arrested in connection with vandalism of Howard’s Rock at Clemson.

23. Wall Street Journal: In Defense Of Football

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A&M’s Reaction To ESPN’s Manziel Article

gfx - they said itIn case you missed it, Texas A&M athletic director Eric Hyman has released a response to the ESPN The Magazine article focusing on Aggie quarterback Johnny Manziel.  The piece by Wright Thompson has been the most talked about piece of sports journalism this week and it didn’t paint the prettiest picture of Manziel, his family, or their relationship with A&M brass.

Hyman’s statement:


“Last fall we assembled a comprehensive team ranging from academics to compliance and legal to public relations to support Johnny Manziel and his family.  We certainly recognize that he is under extenuating circumstances, and there is not a blueprint to dealing with the stresses, intrusions and attention that Manziel deals with on a daily basis.  With Johnny and his family, we are all part of the same team and are committed to working through the challenges and expectations that are ahead of us.”


The Manziel family has yet to respond publicly to the article.

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Ex-USC QB Garcia Tweets About A&M’s Manziel… And A.D. Hyman

Former South Carolina bad boy quarterback Stephen Garcia is jumping into the Johnny Manziel free-for-all via his own Twitter feed today.  But the ex-CFL quarterback’s tweets weren’t necessarily aimed at Manziel.  No, instead they were targeting Manziel’s athletic director Eric Hyman, the same AD who played a large role in suspending and then booting Garcia from Carolina due to what were mainly alcohol-related incidents.

Garcia first tweeted:




Then came this:




Our take?  First, it would be better for Garcia to let it go and not open himself up to ugly comments from anonymous Twitterers.  Too late for that.

Second, Garcia — like Manziel — wasn’t exactly knocking over banks during his playing days.  You could argue that he, too, was simply behaving like a young, 20-something college kid.

Third, Hyman — and his wife — probably won’t be getting a Christmas card from Garcia this year.  Distance hasn’t made the heart grow fonder, it seems.

All that said, by tweeting this about his old athletic director, it appears as if Garcia refuses to take responsibility for his own actions.  Whether that’s really the case or not we’ll never know.  But his tweets create that perception.

For that reason, a Garcia/Manziel comparison might not be too far out of bounds.  Neither man seems to grasp how a simple tweet might be interpreted by someone on the other side of a computer screen.  And neither seems to want to take 100% responsibility for the turmoil and media scrutiny they faced during their college careers.

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SEC Headlines 5/31/2013

headlines-friSEC Football

1. Can South Carolina’s Jadeveon Clowney win the Heisman?  Steve Spurrier: “It would be very difficult,”

2. Why are Arkansas coach Bret Bielema and Florida State assistant Tim Brewster engaged in a Twitter feud? More on Bielema’s tweets here.

3. Are Alabama A.D. Bill Battle’s Tennessee connections coming back to haunt him?  ”Nice to know the Third Saturday in October rivalry still has some teeth, at least off the field.”

4. Matt Hayes on Kevin Sumlin’s team: “It’s almost cosmic the way things lined up and played out for Texas A&M.”

5. Texas A&M A.D. Eric Hyman says about 3,000 people are on a waiting list for Aggies season tickets this fall. Aggies dropping future series with Oregon and Southern Cal.

6. Texas A&M and South Carolina/Missouri and Arkansas new permanent rivals starting in 2014.

7. Scott Rabalais:  Three reasons eight games are not enough for the SEC long term.

8. Good news for Kentucky safety Ashely Lowery now recovering from a car wreck.  Expected to return to Lexington in early June and rejoin the team.

9. Is Central Florida a trap game on South Carolina’s schedule?

10. In case you didn’t know, the most important Georgia player this fall is quarterback Aaron Murray.

11.Senior Bowl executive director Phil Savage thinks Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron and linebacker C.J. Mosley profile as potential first-round NFL picks.

12. Can Ole Miss freshman running back Jordan Wilkins make an impact this year?”

SEC/College News

13. Is Georgia spending enough?  ”Some quiet complaints.”

14. NCAA investigating Auburn? President Jay Gogue: ”Not that I’m aware of. Certainly the protocol is to receive a phone call from them telling you that and I have not received one.”

15. Gogue doesn’t support paying college athletes beyond a cost-of-living stipend:  ”You’re spending about $150,000 per student-athlete in terms of training, medical costs and all that. That’s probably an appropriate amount for a college kid.”

16. Former Alabama player Tyrone Prothro deposed in lawsuit involving NCAA and video game maker Electronic Arts.

17. Nick Saban admits he made up a “flimsy excuse” to meet A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb.

18. Tommy Tomlinson on Ohio State’s president. “I want to like Gordon Gee…But Gordon, buddy, you’re making this hard.”

19. Rick Pitino on Gee: “He’s a pompous ass for making those statements.”

20. MrSEC: “Gee was trying to be cute and as is usually the case when he tries to be cute… he failed miserably.”

21. NCAA president Mark Emmert on the idea of a “super division” of larger schools.   ”I think it would be healthy and the right thing to do.”

22. Former Alabama quarterback Phillip Sims no longer enrolled at Virginia – academic issues.

23. Texas A.D. Deloss Dodds prefers an eight-team college football playoff.

SEC Basketball

24. John Adams:  “Better recruiting would do more for the conference than tougher scheduling.”

25. “Among the top 100 players ranked by Rivals, 21 are slated to perform next winter in the SEC.”

26. Auburn won’t be going to the 2013 Puerto Rico Tip-off after all -  ”devastating blow to the Tigers’ schedule.”

27. Former Kentucky basketball coach Eddie Sutton has a big fan in current Kentucky coach John Calipari:  ”I would love for him to come to my practice and evaluate what we are doing and be a set of eyes for me.”


28. Long before she was Rutgers A.D., Julie Hermann faced a lawsuit as a volleyball coach at Tennessee.

29. Louisville A.D. Tom Jurich comes to her defense.

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A&M A.D. Hyman Not Tracking Manziel’s Off-Field Activities

johnny-manziel-holds-ball-smilesJunior-to-be, Heisman-winning quarterback Johnny Manziel is back on Twitter and back in the news on a regular basis.  Earlier this month he made headlines throwing out the first pitch at a San Diego Padres baseball game. 

Manziel is taking full advantage of his celebrity status.  Whether it’s hanging with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel at the Super Bowl or plopping down in front-row seats for an NBA game, the electrifying QB is having an offseason to remember.

Naturally, many A&M fans are A-OK with Manziel living it up.  After leading the Aggies to an 11-2 record last year, ol’ #2 can do no wrong.

But a few folks inside the A&M fanbase — and many in the media — wonder if Manziel might not have the same level of football focus now that he’s become part of our pop culture.  And before you say that’s an unfair question, does anyone remember Tim Tebow making so many celeb appearances after he won the Heisman Trophy as a sophomore?  Hell, the May after he won the award he was in the Philippines helping to circumcise young boys.

Still others — usually fans of A&M’s rivals, though occasionally a national broadcaster – wonder if Manziel’s seemingly pricey travel habits are copacetic with the NCAA rule book.

Well one guy who’s not worried about Manziel’s off-field activities is Texas A&M athletic director Eric Hyman.  He recently had this to say about the straw that stirs College Station’s drink:


“He’s enjoying life.  People track him, I don’t.  People enjoy following where he is, but that’s other people.  Our compliance office has communicated with him numerous times.  I’ve met with him several times.  The football staff has met with him.  We’ve done the best job we could as far as making sure everything is appropriate and double-checked, cross the t’s and dot the i’s.  He does enjoy life.”


That he does.

So a word of warning to A&M coaches and compliance aides: Manziel’s still got about a month and a half of playtime before SEC Media Days kicks off the 2013 football season.  Happy t-crossing and i-dotting, gang.

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Report: Carolina Not Likely To Name An Interim AD; Don’t Expect A Quick Decision

South Carolina president Harris Pastides is heading out of town for a week of business in Europe.  Eric Hyman is still the acting athletic director in Columbia through the end of July.  And Pastides has said that because of his travels and Hyman’s lengthy notice, he won’t have to rush to find and name the school’s next AD.

According to (behind a paywall) — the Rivals’ site covering South Carolina — the school’s board of trustees “would prefer not to name an interim AD.”

What that means is that the process of scouring the earth for the next guy has begun and that there are certain to be some informal connections made in the time while Pastides is out of the country.  If all goes to plan upon his return, you should expect the Gamecocks to have a new boss in place by the end of the month or the first of August without ever having named someone to the role of temporary fill-in.

That also means that while you’re sure to hear scuttlebutt and rumors and leaks regarding people who’re thisclose to being hired, it’s not likely that anyone will actually be hired for at least a few weeks.

(Famous last words.)

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A&M Outduels Carolina For A.D. Hyman

We waited to post this one up in the hopes that something would become official.  That has apparently happened.  Texas A&M’s supposed push for Georgia Tech AD Dan Radakovich now looks like the mother of all smokescreens as the Aggies have hired Eric Hyman from new conference rival South Carolina.

That’s certainly be one way to ignite the two schools’ new permanent cross-divisional rivalry in football.

The Houston Chronicle — quoting an Aggie source early this morning — wrote that A&M had “tabbed” Hyman as it’s new AD, replacing the forced-out Bill Byrne.  Columbia’s The State reported that USC was making a last ditch effort to keep the man who’s helped turn around the Gamecock athletic department.

But Hyman has officially stepped down at Carolina in the past 15 minutes.  David Cloninger of — the Rivals’ site covering the Cocks — tweeted the following, however:















Hyman was the athletic director at TCU from 1997 through 2005 before heading to Columbia and the 61-year-old still has a son and daughter who live in Fort Worth.

Since arriving at Carolina, he’s overseen facility improvements and increased donations.  His hire of Steve Spurrier as football coach took a while to ferment, but now that move is producing wine as fine as the coach’s own “Cock-n-Fire” Cabernet Sauvignon.  (Don’t know about you, but when I see the words “cock” and “fire” on a wine label, I’m not buying the bottle.)

In basketball he landed Dawn Staley — one of the biggest names in the women’s game — and then lured Frank Martin to Columbia from Kansas State just a few short months ago.

This is a big, splashy hire for A&M as they kick off their SEC era… and quite a loss for Carolina.  Changes at the athletic director post are also difficult for the coaches involved.  Kevin Sumlin and Billy Kennedy in College Station are both new to their jobs and will have to hope they’ll get along with Hyman and that he’ll like what he sees of them.

Back in Columbia, Spurrier and Martin — who has to feel a bit shocked by this — will be left to wonder who their next boss will be and whether or not he’ll be as supportive as Hyman has been.

Hyman was considered an AD candidate at both Tennessee and North Carolina last year.


CORRECTION — Hey, when we’re wrong, we admit it.  And I blew one in my rush to finish up today’s posts and head off to do a radio show.  Above you’ll see that I credited Eric Hyman with the hire of Steve Spurrier.  Spurrier’s first season in Columbia was 2005.  Hyman started at South Carolina in 2005.  Couple those facts with the fast-deteriorating memory of a 40-year-old writer who thought he remembered Hyman hiring Spurrier and you’ve got a guy who didn’t feel he had to look it up just to be sure.  Whoops.

Hyman didn’t hire Spurrier.  He supported him vocally over the years, gave him and his assistants competitive raises, and he brought in enough money to help the Ol’ Ball Coach build the program.  But he didn’t hire him.

Spurrier was actually hired in November of 2004 in one of the final acts of South Carolina’s previous athletic director, Mike McGee (with some help from outgoing coach and Spurrier buddy Lou Holtz).  Thanks to a commenter below for pointing out my error in a non-jerkish way.

This wasn’t a typo done on the fly by someone who writes a few million words a day, this was a full-on flub.  And just as we tell you when we’re proven right — it’s called advertising — I have no problem owning up to a mistake — it’s called being accountable.

Above I mentioned Spurrier’s “Cock-N-Fire” wine.  Well, to quote Gene Hackman in “Unforgiven,” when it comes to me on the Hyman-hired-Spurrier part, the word “Misfire!” applies.  My apologies.  And thanks for reading the site.

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Goodman: No Contact Between Gamecocks, Martin

Kansas State coach Frank Martin’s name recently popped up in connection with South Carolina’s basketball opening.

Martin very well may end up being a candidate at South Carolina, but the two sides have yet to speak, according to Jeff Goodman of Goodman wrote the following on twitter:

“According to multiple sources, there has been no contact between South Carolina and Frank Martin. Martin has been out recruiting last 2 days”

Of course, there’s still plenty of time for South Carolina to make contact with Martin. But for now, the attention appears to be pointed elsewhere.

UPDATE: It appears another popular name in the South Carolina search, Wichita State coach Gregg Marshall, has also yet to receive a call from the Gamecocks.

Mr. Goodman posted that news item on Tuesday afternoon.

“Marshall appears the obvious choice,” Goodman wrote. “However, sources told that Marshall — a South Carolina native who led the Shockers to the NCAA tournament this past season — has not been contacted by South Carolina athletic director Eric Hyman.”

South Carolina fans will likely understand the Martin news. After all, how interested will he truly be in leaving Kansas State for South Carolina?

But the Marshall information is tough to explain. As Mr. Goodman wrote, Marshall appears to be the obvious choice in Columbia. At least to a lot of people outside Columbia.

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USC’s Hyman Will Trust Hoops Men, Not A Search Committee

South Carolina athletic director Eric Hyman will go outside the box in his search for a new men’s basketball coach.  Not in terms of who he’ll hire — that’s unknown — but in terms of how he’ll find the Cocks’ next coach.

Unlike so many ADs, Hyman will not be hiring an outside search firm to aid in USC’s coach hunt.  Instead, The Charleston Post & Courier reports that he will consult “basketball coaches he knows.”

“I’d rather deal with basketball people (than a search firm).  Basketball coaches have got a pretty good sense and feel for people.  They’ve got a better feel for the marketplace than maybe a search firm would.”

We continue to believe that Wichita State’s Gregg Marshall — a man who’s from the Columbia area — will be high on Hyman’s list… if not at the very top.

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