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Thought Of The Day – 3/22/13

Today’s thought/lyric is further proof that the iPod features one eclectic mix of music.  From 1973, it’s a deep album cut from Billy Joel’s second album, “Piano Man.”  For those who only know Joel’s scratchy, throaty voice of the 1990s and 2000s, this tenor-voiced Joel might surprise.  Hell, it almost sounds like the 33 is being played at a faster speed.

Oh.  Wait.  Most of you don’t know what a 33 is.

That’s alright.  I don’t remember this track from when it came out, either.  I just know a good song when I hear it.


“And though she finds it hard to leave him, she knows it would be worse to stay.  He wouldn’t understand the reasons that make a woman run away.”



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Thought Of The Day – 12/13/12

In case you missed the Concert for Sandy Relief last night, you should still be able to make a donation to those impacted by the devastating hurricane right here at the official site for the telethon.  Since the pain is so fresh, the damage so raw and since the holiday season is upon us, we decided to take a page from the concert and roll out one of our favorite Billy Joel songs — amazingly it’s 30+ years old now — instead of using the first song off the iPod for our musical/lyrical inspiration of the day.


“We held a concert out in Brooklyn to watch the island bridges blow.  They turned our power down and drove us underground, but we went right on with the show.”



Lots of business to take care of behind the scenes today, but your SEC news is coming soon.  Stay tuned..

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