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Spurrier Doesn’t Sound Like A Fan Of Recent NCAA Rule Changes

gfx - they said itThe NCAA recently threw in the towel.

Knowing that it had no way to accurately monitor all communications between coaches and players in our social-media-crazed world, the NCAA rulemakers just said to heck with it and ripped page after page of contact rules from it book of laws.

As a result, coaches can now communicate with recruits all year long.  Schools can hire extra personnel to help them recruit (a huge plus for the richest programs).  And all lines of communication from texting to carrier pigeon are now open.

While that might sound good to fans, recruits and coaches haven’t exactly been jumping for joy in response to the news.  Take South Carolina football coach Steve Spurrier for example. — the Rivals site covering Carolina behind a paywall — reports that the Ol’ Ball Coach shared his lukewarm feeling about the changes on a Columbia radio station yesterday:


“I’m not sure exactly how it’s all going to take place.  Initially, I didn’t like what I heard.  You’ll be able to recruit all summer and make calls and text message all year long.  Some schools are just going to hire 10 or 15 people to call and text all day long…

If you’re not doing it, you’re not going to be keeping up, I guess.  But I’m past the stage where I’m going to hang around all summer and text and try to recruit guys.  There’s a time for recruiting and a time for coaching your team…

Maybe it’s a good idea, maybe it’s not.  It just depends on how much time it takes away the coaching staff from coaching their players than worrying about a bunch of players that might not be on their team anyway.”


If coaches had no family lives before, what happens when they’re texting and calling 365 days a year?  And if recruits were bothered by months of phone calls and texts before, what happens when more recruiters are hired and then given more time to call and text?

Where there are no rules… there is anarchy.


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Steve is right. Universities will just hire someone. Don't think it will be a real coach though. They will hire some very attractive 25ish year old woman to handle the comms. Call her assistant coach liason to recruits or whatever, but this will actually end up looking like stalking when all is said and done.

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