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RB Collins Signs, But Mom Hires A Lawyer

alex-collins-signsA day later than expected, Arkansas finally has the signature of South Florida running back Alex Collins on a national letter of intent.  But unfortunately, the story doesn’t end there.  While Collins had his father, Johnny Collins, sign the document, his mother is still out to block her son’s decision to play so far away from home.  Andrea McDonald made national news yesterday when she refused to sign her son’s letter of intent and — according to reports — grabbed it and made off with it, forcing her son to cancel his signing/announcement ceremony.  Today, she’s going a step further.

McDonald has hired legal representation.  

And not just any legal representation.  She’s hired Jack Paris of the Cochran Firm as her attorney.  Yes, the same Cochran Firm founded by famed “OJ Trial” lawyer Johnnie Cochran.  (Cochran died in 2005.)

Collins told WFOR-TV in Miami that his mother wasn’t able to attend today’s signing ceremony, but did approve of his decision.  He said that rather than trying to block his move to Arkansas, his mother wanted to make sure yesterday that her son had taken enough time to think through his decision to go so far away from home.

So what’s with the lawyer?

“Alex’s family has been overwhelmed with media inquiries regarding their impending decision,” Paris said. “They want to make a clean choice that is free of any outside influences. This is a very tough decision and they are weighing their options very carefully. In the meantime, they have requested The Cochran Firm’s assistance in clearing up any false or inaccurate statements in the press.”

So the story goes on.  Where it goes, no one knows.  But at least it appears Collins will be going to Arkansas just as he’d wanted all along.



I think I'm starting to see why he would want to leave the state in the first place.


It's a shame that an eighteen year old young man (of legal age for everything else in this country) can't decide on a college without interference.  Would the courts waste time on an NCAA rule?    Legally he can sign contracts and conduct other business at eighteen, so  It is an NCAA issue.  He fulfilled the rule when his Dad signed.


Regardless, Arkansas is fortunate and ecstatic to have Alex Collins on board.  WPS!!

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