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SEC Headlines – 1/29/13


1.  Anthony Grant says his Alabama team has improved, but more consistent scoring is still needed.

2.  LSU will be without a pair of players this week due to concussions.

3.  Tonight, Kentucky will be the hunter and Ole Miss the hunted when the Wildcats visit Oxford.

4.  Opinion: “There’s a line that (Marshall) Henderson has approached but not crossed.  As long as he walks the line there’s the danger of crossing it.”

5.  Mississippi State freshman Craig Sword is learning not to be too aggressive.

6.  Texas A&M has been struggling recently, but there have been some positives.

7.  Billy Donovan on his fourth-ranked Gators: “Our guys have got to understand that the chatter and stuff around them is on the peripheral.”

8.  John Calipari has a message for his Kentucky team as it heads to Ole Miss: “Like, lose your composure.  Get mad.  Get angry.  Be mad to be great.”

9.  If the Cats lose tonight, the path to the NCAA Tournament will be a tough one.

10.  Back from football, Bruce Ellington’s role with the South Carolina basketball team is getting larger.

11.  Vanderbilt’s Kevin Stallings knows how his team can improve its rebounding tonight against Tennessee… “Try a little harder.”

12.  Freshman Armani Moore is one of the Vols the Commodores will have to outrebound in Thompson-Boling Arena.


13.  ESPNU’s signing day coverage will include live reports from Alabama, Auburn, Florida, LSU, Ole Miss and Texas A&M.

14.  How much is a football signed by Paul “Bear” Bryant, Gene Stallings and Nick Saban worth?

15.  Apparently Arkansas’ Bret Bielema no longer has a problem going after kids committed to other schools.  (It was less than a year ago that he whined about Urban Meyer’s tactics at Ohio State.)

16.  Les Miles talked about his flirtation with Arkansas and his love for LSU with Dan Patrick yesterday.

17.  Johnny Manziel’s backup at Texas A&M — Jameill Showers – is transferring.

18.  Georgia has named current provost Jere Morehead as the lone finalist to fill Michael Adams’ role as president when Adams steps down this summer.  (The positive: Morehead has been on the UGA athletic board since 1998.)

19.  Vanderbilt’s improvement has come thanks to improved defense.

20.  According to Purdue’s AD, his school and Missouri have lined up a home-and-home football series for 2017 and 2018.  (I still recall watching the Purdue/Mizzou Liberty Bowl game in 1980.  Why?  No clue.)

Other Stuff

21.  Some Pennsylvania lawmakers want the NCAA to ease up on Penn State.

22.  Athlon Sports takes a look at recruiting rankings and real-life wins.

23.  The NCAA’s thinner rule book will change the way coaches communicate with recruits.

24.  The Big Ten might consider geographic divisions when Maryland and Rutgers (and anyone else) join the league in 2014.

25.  The NCAA has told Akron it can’t put the basketball program’s Twitter handle on the back of player jerseys.  (Good thing the NCAA doesn’t have any bigger fish to fry these days.




"(It was less than a year ago that he whined about Urban Meyer’s tactics at Ohio State.)"


I don't think you've ever mentioned this on this site before. Please elaborate. Sorry we stole a Tennessee commit.

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator



Anytime something negative is written about Arkansas -- even a line in passing -- you're here to complain.  


But in this case, I guess you didn't read our story when Bielema whined about Meyer in the first place:


And we also mentioned it when rumors of Bielema's Arkansas hiring first surfaced:


But then again, I once lived in Ohio just as I now live in Tennessee.  Therefore, I must also be a big Ohio State fan and -- just as obviously -- I must also hate Wisconsin.  Thus I must have double-hate for Bielema!


Seriously the single most annoying feature of a site like this is having to deal with those fans -- and it's actually a small number, thank goodness -- who think anything negative written about their school must come from some biased fan of another school.  Those people typically also ignore anything positive written about their own school.  Of course, that's when a few other folks jump in to say, "Ah, ha!  I always knew you were a fan of School X."


I live in Tennessee.  I grew up in Kentucky.  I have also lived in North Carolina and Ohio.  And I could give a damn who wins or does not win in the SEC.  Either way, people read and watch and listen.  I just cover the schools.  


But if you don't believe this site to be objective, go find one of the others written by anonymous chaps who are fans.  Good stuff.  


As for this one, I'd have written the exact same line had Bielema swiped a commitment from Cal Tech.  The point is the same... when it happened to him, he cried.  When he does it to someone else, it's fine.  Just another reason -- unlike you -- I don't fall in love with a guy just because he enters the SEC and puts a plastic pig on his head.



Tracer Round
Tracer Round

"Tonight, Kentucky will be the hunter and Ole Miss the hunted when the Wildcats visit Oxford." You sure you read this article, or did you just visit this site?

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator

 @Tracer Round 


If you read this site -- rather just visit it -- you'll know that every single day in headlines we find particular angles or quotes from stories that we find interesting and then link to them.  Our headlines are not meant to be simple summaries what you'll find behind Door #2.  In some cases we do that.  But often, we pick out what we find to be most interesting and then let you read the rest  of the story for yourself.  Every single day.  


As for the piece you refer to, here's the start of the article:



"When Kentucky takes the floor tonight at Tad Smith Coliseum, it will not do so as the traveling juggernaut and national championship contender there to entertain the local masses. Instead, Kentucky will just be a team trying to get a win that might help its struggling NCAA Tournament resume. Down is up. Left is right. And Kentucky is the underdog against No. 16 Ole Miss, which has won nine straight games.


We’re playing one of the hottest teams in the country and when you watch them on tape — man, they’re men,' Kentucky coach John Calipari said. 'They’re physical. Everyone has accepted how they’re going to play.'"



So we pointed out that high-and-mighty Kentucky enters tonight's game looking up at Ole Miss in the SEC standings.  Kentucky is the hunter, Ole MIss the hunted.  That's not usually the case in UK-UM basketball games.  And to us -- and specifically to me today since I was doing our headlines -- that was the most interesting part of the story.





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