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A&M’s Sumlin Needs To Lighten Up Over Victory Celebration Video

We’ve got a tip for Kevin Sumlin.

No, it has nothing to do with football.  The Texas A&M coach has led his team to a surprising 4-1 start in 2012.  He’s got the football side of things covered for the time being.

Instead, it’s a tip about recruiting — Coach, there’s nothing wrong with letting recruits see your players having fun and enjoying victories.

Following Saturday night’s come-from-behind 30-27 win at Ole Miss, the school’s own “12th Man TV” caught on camera the screaming and yelling and jumping around that often goes along with winning an SEC football game.  The school then posted the video for all to see.  You can see it, too, right here:


12th Man TV Exclusive: A&M Locker Room Celebration


Sumlin’s reaction to that video?  He’s banning his school’s cameras from the Aggie locker room:


“There won’t be anymore cameras in the locker room.  That’s not going to happen again.  But you got to remember 20 minutes before that we were losing by 10 points… it’s OK to celebrate.”


Yes, it is OK to celebrate.  Especially when you score two touchdowns in the final six minutes of the game to erase a 10-point lead and bank a road win over an SEC divisional rival.

So why the heck would Sumlin actually ban cameras?

If the idea is that Texas A&M should be above celebrating a win over Ole Miss, sorry, that doesn’t fly.  Come-from-behind wins and last-second victories bring joy.  Period.

We thought it was silly when Tennessee was taken to task for winning an overtime game with Vanderbilt last year:



We thought it was sillier when Vandy’s James Franklin became so upset by UT’s celebration that he backhanded his own program in an attempt to insult Tennessee:


James Franklin on Tennessee's locker room comments


And we think it’s silly now that A&M’s coach — if he’s seriously going to ban his own school’s camera from his locker room — doesn’t want fans and recruits to see his team enjoying a victory.

Hey, if an SEC team goes bonkers because it’s topped South Carolina State, Georgia State or Presbyterian, then that squad’s got issues.  But to celebrate a late-game or comeback win over an SEC rival?  There’s not a thing in the world wrong with that.  Nada.  Nothing.

Teenaged recruits like to see that kind of thing, too.  What?  You think they’d rather see a locker room filled with a bunch of stoic guys smoking pipes and greeting one another with congratulatory handshakes?  Please.

So if Sumlin’s really planning to nip celebration videos in the bud, we think he needs to take the advice of one Sergeant Hulka and “Lighten up, Francis.”


Psyco – Lighten up Francis



Ha,  I can assure you if my struggling, but much beloved Hogs can pull of a win against Kentucky, there will be a similar scene in my living room.  Summlin needs to loosen up a bti, not to say he should go all John L. though.  


is there an explanation anywhere as to why sumlin came to this decision?  there were plenty of "please, it's ole miss" comments out there, but who cares?  sumlin shouldn't.  everyone knows that game had historical significance, and for that matter ole miss is a quickly improving team.  it's something that just kind of came out of nowhere.


This is why you don't let cameras in the locker room. 


the only thing I can think of is maybe some Ole Miss admin people got a little upset at all the Gatorade being thrown around everywhere and he doesn't want it to seem like A&M trashes locker rooms after wins.  Other than that, which I admit is a reach, I've got nothing.


Sumlin understands that his reactions on cameras can & will come back to haunt him after a tough loss.  As a former athlethe I believe that somethings should stay in the locker-room.


Yep --- I agree 100%. Beat a Conference rival --- any conference rival --- and the players deserve to celebrate. Nothing wrong with that at all. We are still waiting for that celebration.


I saw that clip on the Texas A&M Football Show yesterday.  Thought it was great and found it odd when I saw he had banned the cameras.  Sports are emotional.  The victors celebrate and the vanquished wrap their wounds in the immediate aftermath.  Maybe he doesn't want stale, 12 month old bulletin board material for next season.  Who knows, but I agree with the lighten up message. 


The fault is with our society, the press, the nanny state, etc. sucking the ever living life out of everything we do by over analyzing EVERYTHING that goes on in a persons life. Players are criticized for displays of faith, somebody else gets fired for using a word that actually means stingy but it offends a racial ethnic group, a joke taken out of context gets you maligned in media, "old man football" causes a stink, the list just goes on forever.


I agree its stupid for Sumlin and Franklin to appologize and take precautions to make sure a team celebrating are never seen again, but for different reasons than the coach being a stuffed shirt. 


 @fooz Shh Chris.  I am sure Summy let this slip on purpose.  We'll see more down the road as well.  This kind of attitude is something A&M was known for NOT having and stifling.  This is a coaching staff the likes of we haven't seen since Jackie.

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator



Actually, this video was produced by the Texas A&M athletic department's own video/PR department, not the actual press.


And Franklin was the one who made a big deal out of Dooley's behind-closed-doors locker room talk to his team after Tennessee's win over Vanderbilt last year.


Not being argumentative, just making it clear who did and said what above.


Thanks much as always,



 @John at MrSEC Not my intent either. I actually think you got it correct. You reported on how this is a dumb play, all I was doing was piling on with a slightly different take on why this happened. Sumlin is probably not comfortable with the possibility of a reaction, regardless of who actually produced the video, and is trying to limit the potential for embarassment. Not an expert on this topic, but I heard Sumlin already has rules that limit media's access to his players in general (and just putting that up as an example of his possible skittishness on unscripted media events).


And I will admit I am not a media professional. i do not know how long it takes  you guys to develop contacts at institutions who will give you the straight skinny on what goes on behind the scenes, so if you tell me I am off base on Sumlin's reasoning, I'll accept that. (I did not know for example, that it was Franklin who raised the red flag over Dooley's talk).





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