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Slive Expects Changes To BCS System

Speaking with Tony Barnhart on his CBS Sports Network show, SEC commissioner Mike Slive said that he believes change — in some form — is coming to the BCS system:

“I do think we are gonna see changes.  And I don’t think those changes will be tweaks — that’s the term that we always use.  I think there will be changes.  We’re gonna begin to focus in on all these issues over the next six to nine months with the idea that — no holds barred — that we need to take a look at the entire structure and see what kind of changes need to be made.”

Slive also said that he believes the plus-one idea that he once put forth will once again be discussed, stating that “the climate has changed to some degree.”

You can watch the full clip here:

We noted on the morning after the Alabama-LSU rematch was announced that we believed a plus-one format would likely begin to gain traction in conferences that had — to that point — not favored such a plan.

Not long after our post on that topic, Big 12 interim commissioner Chuck Neinas confirmed our suspicions by saying that he was in favor of a plus-one format getting some discussion.

Now Mike Slive states that he believes he’ll have a lot more support for a plus-one when the BCS commissioners talk about matters in the coming months.

We continue to feel that there’s enough money on the table, enough hollering from the media, and enough dissatisfaction among conference commissioners to finally push through the closest thing to a college football playoff we’ll likely ever see.  (Just be sure to call it a plus-one and not a “playoff.”)


Gamecock in ATL
Gamecock in ATL

You know what's going to be awesome? When they adopt a plus one system, and the first year of existence it allows an SEC team to get into the NC game ... we all know that finishing #1 or #2 can't go on forever, but we also know that there is a VERY high probability that the SEC Champ will be in the top 4 any given year ... can't wait!

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